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Create A Nautical Nursery for your Little One

With its stripes and sails, this fresh nursery is perfect for sweet boy dreams.

Nautical nursery 

 Stripe Away
  • Combine striped fabrics and wallpaper in a fun way.
  • Stick to white, light blue, navy and red to create a look that is uniform and traditionally nautical.


  • Layer the look by hanging decorative items including stars, fish and boats from hooks.

Ever so Tidy

  • Beware of clutter in a nursery
  • You may not have the luxury of time to keep things neat and tidy
  • Make your life easy by having specific compartments for every item
  • Store nappies, bum cream, powders and ear buds in a neat container on top of the changing area
  • Use a piece of furniture with drawers or a traditional compactum as a changing station to have all the necessities on hand

Match & Match

  • Don't underestimate the power of colour co-ordination.
  • Try to do it throughout, with the toys you display, the bedding and the wall art and general decorations.
  • You will be amazed at the results!
  •  The room will automatically feel like a whole
  • Using white furniture as a base means you can easily update or change the look in the future.

Extend the Theme

  • Using a little boat in different ways- like painted on canvas and cut out of wood- extends the look and theme of the nursery.
  • Wanting to brighten up the bathroom too, buy a packet of stickers and stick it onto the wall, transforming it into a cartoon heaven for any small child. 

It's in

 the detail...

  • Use interesting handles for your cupboards. These handles let the ligh

Planning A Child Care Startup?

A person, thinking about child care startup may very well be looking forward to a profitable business in the form of a child care center.


Setting up a child care center, is a flourishing business but it also requires a lot of dedication. The certain factors involved may be the cost of starting it altogether, making a business plan and looking after legal requirements.

These centers can also be started in spaces that are otherwise unoccupied during the entire week or within a school that has surplus space. If a child care center is set up within a school, it brings the advantage of having well coordinated programs.

After the location is decided, child care insurance is the next essential step. This is very crucial for starting a child care business. These centers offer dedicated services to working parents. Hence, these should provide a safe environment to the children. And, insurance works as an added security measure.

As this is a very fast growing industry, proper management is very important. This is also required to give the center, better recognition. As there are a number of child care centers, people will generally prefer the one that has a better management system. Therefore, better management system results in a flourishing child care center and great profit.

A management application is especially designed for childcare management that could be obtained before starting up the child care center. This software is easily accessible at a number of online and offline resources. This software provides complete, user-friendly and integrated modules that help in managing child records, billing and various accounting operations, available city subsidies, payroll records, direct deposits and preauthorized payment records. Find out more about childcare management at

The child care software that maintains the records updates automatically. This helps the parents and family members understand the child's progress. It also provides an opportunity to them to observe the activities of the child. For the various child care institutions, security is of utmost importance. This security can be protected by using this software.

Finally, a business broker can be a good source of information. He could provide detailed information regarding a child care center like the availability of the area, its price, current market requirements and so on. He could not only provide you information but also help you strike the best possible deal of the infrastructure. Information of the brokers regarding a child care startup may also be found through a search on the internet.

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